Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How can a merchant cash advance help my business?

By providing quick cash to businesses, we are able to help business owners like yourself expand and improve your facilities and services which in turn creates higher revenues.

2.  How does a merchant cash advance work?

Based on your average monthly credit card, check, and cash sales we will first determine what amount can be advanced to you.  By purchasing a percentage of your future sales, you will receive the cash you need now with the ability to repay it over time.

3.  How do I apply for a small business advance?

Applying is easy.  Simply fill out our quick online application, or call to apply by phone, then provide us with your recent credit card and bank statements.  We will do the rest!

4.  Will you check my personal credit report prior to approval?

Yes, reviewing your personal credit along with other information and documents is required in order to determine the advance amount you qualify for.  Unlike most banks, however, we do not require you to have an outstanding credit score.

5.  How long does it take to get approved for an unsecured cash advance?

Generally, we are able to preapprove your application within 24 business hours and in most cases you will receive the funds in as little as a week.  The total time depends on the amount you are requesting and if any additional documents are needed by our underwriting department.

6.  How much can I receive for merchant financing?

We give advances for as little as $5,000 all the way up to $1,000,000,000.  The final amount we advance to you is determined based on your average monthly sales and a few other factors.


7.  How soon is the business loan sent to me and by what method?

Once you're approved, you will receive the funds as early as the next business day.  The funds are directly deposited into your business checking account by ACH.


8.  If I'm approved for an advance, can I continue to use my current credit card processor?

Yes you may be able to continue using your current processor, however, you may need to switch to our preferred processor.  Our processor will match or sometimes beat your current processing rates, and best of all the process to switch is very simple.


9.  How often does SFS collect their payments?

Every time you submit a credit card batch, we collect a small percentage of your total sales.Or via ACH if your business does not collect credit card payments.


10.  Can I apply for additional funds if I'm already a client?

Yes, additional funds may be advanced to you based on your repayment history and available credit.  Contact us to find out if you qualify.